Old and young videos

Popular Chinese vlogger posing as young woman exposed as 58-year-old after livestream glitch

old and young videos

Yazemeenah Rosse is a French, international model living in the US. Her outlook on aging is refreshing. As a year-old model, she shares what keeps her young in an industry where ageism is predominant.

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Fans of Chinese video blogger Qiaobiluo Dianxia were hit with a dose of reality when the gaming goddess of their dreams was exposed as a year-old woman during a live stream on Thursday July Qiaobiluo had amassed a following of , on DouYu, a Chinese live-streaming platform that allows viewers to donate money to streamers. She had managed to keep fans intrigued by hiding her face behind anime graphics, using filters or turning the camera away from herself. Attracted by Qiaobiluo's sweet voice and duped by the pictures she often uploaded, her fans believed that she was a young woman. She also said that she wanted to gain , followers before revealing her face.

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Streaming malfunction reveals popular young gamer is actually a 58-year-old Chinese woman

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Popular Chinese vlogger posing as young woman exposed as 58-year-old after livestream glitch

A year-old woman in China was caught pretending to be a much younger gamer thanks to a malfunction during a live-streamed chat with another local blogger. However, in spite of lying to her fans, the woman is now more popular than ever, having racked up even more followers on her streaming platforms after the fact. She now plans to become a rapper, too. Don't Miss : You can get 7 of these popular security cameras for less than one Nest Cam and cover your entire home. On the left in the collage above is a photo the gamer used in previous streams while on the right is an actual photo of her.

If you are struggling to make them both out, you can see the younger woman's chin doubles as the older woman's nose and her ear as her eye. The oldest version first appeared on a German postcard but the most famous version, seen here, was drawn by British cartoonist William Ely Hill and appeared in American magazine Puck on November 6, An Australian study published by two psychology professors at Flinders University, claims that whichever figure you see relates to your age. The study claims older people will notice the older woman first, whereas younger individuals will see the younger figure. The study included participants males, females from ages 18 to 68, with a median age of They were shown the image for half a second, and then were asked to reveal the gender and age of the figure they saw first. Most of the participants saw the younger woman first, which could be because many ages of the participants were leaning towards the younger side.


Very old lady restored to her former youth. Nice work definitely looks a lot more realistic than the other video with the old Asian lady.
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