Saviano kings of crime

Roberto Saviano: The Italian Mafia’s Most Wanted Man

saviano kings of crime

documentary and news articles about organized crime around the world. / video-nuovo-programma-di-saviano-raccontero-la-storia-vera-di-tre- boss/.

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Roberto Saviano is living proof that journalism is often one of the least appreciated yet most dangerous professions. The Italian journalist rose to fame in when, at just 26 years old, he published his book Gomorrah , which exposed the crimes of the notorious Camorra criminal organization based in Naples, Italy. Roberto Saviano has been a wanted man ever since, persecuted and threatened not just by Italian gangsters but major politicians as well. Still, despite threats to his safety, he has continued to speak out against organized crime and other modern-day ills. Wikimedia Commons Roberto Saviano in Born in Naples in , Roberto Saviano grew up in an environment ruled by violent Neapolitan gangs — a Mafia-esque organization called the Camorra.

Since then Italian author and Mafia expert Roberto Saviano has lived in hiding, dodging death threats because his book so incensed the Mafia. But that has not stopped him in his relentless research into international crime, the drugs, the money and the violence that fuels them. The anti-mafia journalist explains why he believes the UK is the most corrupt country on earth and why politicians across Europe are not prepared to tackle money laundering and organised crime. Isabelle Kumar You shot to fame with your book Gomorrah ten years ago. I imagine ten years in the world of the Mafia is a very long time, can you give me some of the main ways the Camorra group has changed? Roberto Saviano The greatest change in the Camorra is related to the generations.

For the past 11 years the Italian journalist Roberto Saviano has been under police protection. When I interviewed Saviano in a London hotel last year, plainclothes police were in evidence. Baldheaded and dark-stubbled, Saviano is instantly recognisable to most Italians. Paradoxically, the more famous the year-old becomes, the greater his need for invisibility. Camorra bosses typically have no idea how the drug tastes and what sensations it produces. Each day the proceeds from narcotics are directed into industrial waste disposal operations and landfill sites. Drugs remain at the heart of their operations.

A whole new genre in Italy which goes beyond entertainment, examines in depth and has an almost scientific approach to the topics covered. With this big news of the programme schedule of Discovery Italia, Saviano tells the stories of the bosses to explain crime in TV. The programme, telling stories of bloodshed and violence , will air also in Latin America, Portugal, France and Germany. For the following week, the series will analyse El Chapo , the infamous Mexican drug trafficker. Every biography will be told through several documents and enriched with court records , original wiretaps and interviews.

Roberto Saviano

In his writings, including articles and his book Gomorrah his debut that brought him fame , he uses literature and investigative reporting to tell of the economic reality of the territory and business of the Camorra crime syndicate and of organized crime more generally. Since October 13, , he has lived under police protection.


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  1. After being on Rai Tre and La7, Roberto Saviano lands on Discovery (Nove, Focus, Eurosport, Realtime, DMax) with a new TV programme.

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