Monteverdi il lamento della ninfa

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monteverdi il lamento della ninfa

Claudio Monteverdi Il lamento della Ninfa, Cantar Lontano

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The text is divided into three parts with the nymph lamenting her fate in the middle and the choir of pastori shepherds; 2 tenors and 1 bass on either side. The choir introduces and concludes the sad story of the nymph, and also take part in the lament, commenting with compassion the scene that takes place before our eyes. Unlike the nineteen other works appearing in the Eight Book, Monteverdi adds introductory notes to the Lamento specifying how the piece has to be performed. I think that giving the soprano license to follow her passions and moods is what makes this piece timeless, as every interpreter gives a personal and unique rendition of it. When it comes to profound matters, not setting strict instructions and rules is the wisest thing to do because no language including music, painting, and mathematics can faithfully transmit the essence of humanness. This in turn shows that Monteverdi had a deep knowledge of human emotions. From a seemingly trivial tragedy, Monteverdi takes us deep into our own human nature.

Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer in the late Renaissance whose innovative compositions led to the birth of opera as a new style of music.
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Monteverdi 's eighth book of madrigals is a monumental tome, containing nearly 40 individual works. The madrigals in Book VIII are culled from Monteverdi 's work of the previous two decades; the pieces are carefully arranged into particular sequences, suggesting that the book be examined as a whole work rather than an arbitrarily ordered collection. Many of the pieces in the collection are in "genere rappresentativo" as opposed to the madrigals "senza gesto" without gesture , indicating that the performance of the book would have been at times highly theatrical. The overall ordering of the book follows the pair of adjectives in the title. The first half is comprised of "madrigali guerrieri" warlike madrigals ; the second is made of "madrigali amorosi" amorous madrigals. Each subdivision of the book is marked by a madrigal for larger-than-normal vocal and instrumental forces.

Sfogava con le stelle. Quel augellin che canta. Io mi son giovinetta. A un giro sol. Anima mia, perdona. Ah, dolente partita! Longe da te, cor mio.


Lamento della ninfa, SV 163 (Monteverdi, Claudio)





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