Bats flying at night

How bats fly

bats flying at night

Flying bats in night vision

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Have you been outside lately, round about dusk? If so, you might have noticed some small shapes darting overhead. You probably felt the urge to duck! Were they small birds having one last flight before settling down for the night? Quite possibly they were bats. Just like us, bats are mammals. They have fur, give birth to live young and produce milk for their offspring.

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Every night a bat puts in kilometres of airtime. Flying low, the animals catch insects at speeds of around 40 metres per second. At night the bat uses its hearing to navigate its way to prey. The bat emits ultrasonic waves with very high frequencies. Its calls are pitched at kilohertz, a frequency that is too high-pitched for humans to hear naturally. Their sounds are reflected in the environment, hitting various objects and returning to the bat as echoes.

The Bat Flight. Few things in nature are as enchanting as mass animal gatherings and migrations. Many people become entranced watching penguins huddle together for warmth during the long Antarctic winters. Wildebeest and elephant migrations in Africa capture and hold the attention of television viewers. There is something inexplicably enthralling about watching large numbers of wild animals. This is just as true at Carlsbad Caverns as it is elsewhere in the world. People come from all over the world to watch nature at its finest in the form of the Brazilian free-tailed bats leaving the cave each evening in the summer.

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Bats Flying Out For The Night

Bats About Bats!

Even though Bats belong to the Mammal family, rather than being classified as "birds," I still included them on this website in the spirit of public education and the conservation of this intriguing and highly useful animal. And well, they DO fly! Bats are mammals in the order Chiroptera. Their most distinguishing feature is that their forelimbs are developed as wings, making them the only mammal in the world naturally capable of flight; other mammals, such as flying squirrels and gliding phalangers, can glide for limited distances but are not capable of true sustainable flight. The word Chiroptera can be translated from the Greek words for "hand wing," as the structure of the open wing is very similar to an outspread human hand, with a membrane patagium between the fingers that also stretches between hand and body. About 70 percent of bats are insectivorous. Most of the remainder feed on fruits and their juices; three bat species eat blood and some prey on vertebrates.


You probably felt the urge to duck! Were they small birds having one last flight before settling down for the night? Quite possibly they were bats.
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