Mostra del cinema di venezia 2017

Venice Film Festival

mostra del cinema di venezia 2017

The 74th Venice International Film Festival is organised by La Biennale di Venezia, and took place at Venice Lido from August 30th to September 9th, The Festival is officially . Venezia Guillermo del Toro (Golden Lion for Best Film).

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The designers compete to dress the stars in Venice because it is a huge advertising. More the celebrity is famous more he will be is photographed and many pictures of him will be seen on the media and social media all over the world. So, who wear who during this edition? Same premiere but absolutely different look for Jennifer Lawrence, Dior brand ambassador and, infact it was signed Dior the majestic haute couture gowns with hyper wide skirt made of tulle with little polka dots and embroidered corset. Mimimal chic, maybe too much minimal, the polka dots pink dress by Rodarte worn by Kirsten Dunst.

A new section for virtual-reality VR films was introduced in this edition of the festival, as part of the Official Selection. The following people formed the juries: [7] [8]. The following films were selected for the main international competition: [9] [10]. The following films were selected to be screened out of competition: [11] [12] [10]. The following films were selected for the Horizons Orizzonti section: [13] [10]. The following films were selected to be screened in the Venice Classics section: [14]. The following films were selected for the Biennale College - Cinema section.

Claudio Jampaglia is a journalist, author and producer. He has worked for multiple Italian national publications starting as a reporter and becoming editor in chief for Liberazione and Diario.
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In moves to London, where he graduates in Visual Theory: Film History at the University of East London in , making his first steps into the world of cinema. As screenwriter, he is twice finalist at Premio Solinas and Produced by Wildside, the film is based on the incredible life of Vincenzo Fullone and the events of Crosia. The film gets its distribution also in France where is received with great warmth by the public. In addition, the film receives the Diversity Media Award for the best film of the year. At the moment Fabio is preparing his third feature film, which is expected to go into filmming in the first half of in Ireland. In addition to his career as a director and screenwriter, Fabio devotes much time to the tutoring of young filmmakers and to the realization of various cultural projects.

MoStRA dEL CInEMa Di VeNeZia 2017 - Red CArPEt DAy 3

Venezia 74 - Il Red Carpet di Javier Bardem e Penelope Cruz

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Framed in the vast stage of the Biennale, the first Venice film festival was in and enjoys the distinction of the oldest film festival in the world : large projections, celebrity guests and unique festivals enliven the historic Palazzo del Cinema of Venice Lido. The mostra del cinema di Venezia offers variable dates between August and early September. From the point of view of the critics, the most important award is the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale and considered one of the most prestigious film awards, like the Golden Palm in Cannes and the Golden Bear of Berlin. Maria Elisabetta stop. Throughout the Venice Film Festival dates, transport is available until the end of the night screenings. Location: Venice.

Il film di Natalia Garagiola Temporada de caza vince il premio del pubblico Siae, riconoscimento principale della Settimana Internazionale della Critica Sic , sezione autonoma e parallela organizzata dal Sindacato nazionale critici cinematografici Italiani Sncci. Giornate degli Autori, vince Candelaria. Il premio del pubblico Bnl va a Longing dell'israeliano Savi Gabizon. Il GdA Director's Award ha un valore di Ad assegnare i riconoscimenti giunti alla 29esima edizione una giuria di 20 giovani studenti appena maggiorenni, provenienti da tutte le regioni d'Italia, accomunati da una grande passione per il cinema. Premio Pasinetti ai Manetti Bros. Soundtrack Stars a Del Toro e Manetti.


MoStRA dEL CInEMa Di VeNeZia 2017 - Red CArPEt





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