Nuke vs after effects

After Effects To Nuke Three Tips For Making The Jump

nuke vs after effects


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I have been paying for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for around a year now. I started with Premiere. However, even just going to one tutorial on manipulating the interface, it seems that Premiere and Final Cut are very similar programs. They both have a very similar model, and how it is presented mostly the same. Using After Effects took a bit more learning. For one thing, the user interface and keyboard shortcuts seem needlessly different from those in Premiere.

After Effects vs Nuke for the solo operator. I am genuinely interested in what Nuke is capable of that After Effects cannot do, or that is very difficult or clunky in AE.
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You do have some weight to your argument, After Effects AE does have a few better elements to it over nuke, such as its really intuetive time line controls and its own paticle simulation system. I also agree that it is easier to create certain elements in AE rather that Nuke. Nukes nodal architecture is simply amazing, it prevents most problems and work arounds that you would need to use in AE, Nuke is also high end, it has been dealing with 32bit float for way longer than AE and therefore its nodes and systems are more adapted to handle this ammount of data. Its seemless integration and compatabilitly with the. It also has a really good 3D system especially when compared with AE.

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Moving from After Effects to Nuke

As part of the plan for our feature we chose to invest in the Nuke compositor as well as use the Adobe suite. There are a number of reasons why and also before I get too used to Nuke i though it might be useful to jot down some experiences and assumptions i made along the way. The kind of misconceptions that seem obvious once you're using something but forget the little 'epiphanies' you made along the way. Perhaps this will make someone else's life a little easier if they're considering the move too. This isn't an advert for Nuke, and i'm not trashing AE.

Know the differences between NUKE's node-based system and After Effects layer based system, before you start, so you have an idea of what you're getting into. Joey from School of Motion explains it quite nicely. Read more. Learn, experiment, play, update your skills, whatever, for FREE! There are a few differences between commercial and non-commercial versions of the NUKE family.

OK, guys. Can someone that has experience with both programs can tell me what are differences., By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Transitioning to Nuke?

What is the difference between After effects, Nuke And Autodesk Downside: Layer-based animation within After Effects does not let you.
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  1. There are a lot of differences between Nuke and After Effects. In this video we'll discuss why Nuke is better for compositing.

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