System of a down quotes

System of a Down Quotes

system of a down quotes

System Of A Down - Lonely Day (Official Video)

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Plagiarized existence exists among the writers of the word. Shake your spear at Shakespeare. Stupid people do stupid things. Smart people outsmart each other, then themselves. Come baby, come close to me. Let me love you. Let me feel you.

System Of A Down Quotes. System Of A Down Birthname. Total quotes 10 Eating seeds as a pastime activity. Hide your scars to fade away the shakeup. I shone life into the man's hearts. Life Man heart.

System of a Down are the undisputed kings of weirdness. Not only that, but System of a Down are one of the most bizarre bands to achieve massive mainstream success. Even when you have no idea what Serj Tankian or Daron Malakian are singing about, the masses sing along with unwavering passion and intensity. We've compiled 10 of the most insanely weird lines from System of a Down's five studio albums and did our best to analyze the meaning behind each lyrical enigma. It wasn't easy, but here goes nothing.

Plagiarized existence exists among the writers of the word. Shake your spear at Shakespeare. -System of a Down, D-devil. Stupid people do stupid things.
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How do I feel? What do I say? Fuck you. It all goes away. In the end, it all goes away.

Even alongside the gang of misfits that came of age in the unruly era of nu-metal, System Of A Down always stood out from their peers. Indeed, their eccentric mix of prog, thrash, hardcore, funk, rap and Middle Eastern music took the best elements of the sub-genre — angular riffs, odd time signatures and manic vocals — and twisted them into something even more strange and compelling. Much like Faith No More before them, the Californian alt-metal crew would go on to infiltrate the mainstream and achieve multi-platinum success, and the five albums they released between and remain some of the most groundbreaking records in modern metal. Here, then, are the top ten songs by the utterly unique and always atypical System Of A Down…. What other band would even have the nerve to tackle such scatter-brained ideas, let alone the conviction to pull them off?


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See the world's best properly cited quotes from System Of A Down. Share quotes with friends. Our favorite quote: "Eating seeds as a pastime activity." — System.
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