Bologna motor show 2017

Motor Show 2017

bologna motor show 2017

The Bologna Motor Show is an auto show scheduled to be held annually in December, in Bologna, Italy. The editions of and

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The Bologna Motor Show is now a permanent fixture in the calendar for all car and motorbike enthusiasts. The exhibition was devised in as a reference point for younger motorists and female audiences in particular. For over 40 years, the Motor Show has attracted thousands upon thousands of visitors thanks to its ability to annually reinvent itself and keep pace with the times. The edition promises more motorsport, more displays, more competitions, more stunts FCA Heritage is playing a prominent role in the exhibition with a display of four iconic rally cars from the s , a period universally considered to be the golden age of this motorsport discipline.

The show serves as a convenient business platform for leading corporate personnel from the industry to meet and directly interact with each other and 14 exhibition pavilions are set up during the show. One of the major highlights of the show is the Enel Electric City initiative and the latest, sophisticated information from the global motorsport industry are showcased during the show. Leading manufacturers provide test-driving opportunities to customers as well and different types of vehicle-maintenance products, lubricants, safety tools, batteries and other car accessories are showcased here. Live automotive events are displayed at the hugely popular MotorSport Arena at the show and participants can also get updates on the sophisticated car models too. The show is organized at the BolognaFiere. The estimated count of participants is calculated by multiplying the normalized participant interest generated on platform with a regional multiplier.

The Motor Show Bologna is a fair for cars and motorcycles with an emphasis on innovation, environment, safety and design. Car manufacturers and companies from the spare parts and accessories industry here represent their latest products. Furthermore, numerous shows and races for variety. The Motor Show in Bologna took place from Sat. Trade Fairs in Bologna. Product groups: car spare parts, car tuning, motorcycles, repair equipment, tires, . Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

The Bologna Motor Show known as the " Salone internazionale dell'auto e della moto di Bologna " in Italian is an auto show scheduled to be held annually in December, in Bologna , Italy. The editions of and were the shortest events in its history, whereas the editions of and were not held due to unfavourable economic conditions initially, and a lack of planning by new organizers and diminished interest by exhibitors, respectively. The edition of was also cancelled as well. As its name in Italian suggests, the Bologna Motor Show also plays the role of an annual Motorbike Exhibition, incorporating bicycle exhibitors for the first time in Another highlight is its various motorsport competitions, which see the participation of leading drivers and motorbike riders.

If you love motorsports, your appointment is with Motor Show , the most important Italian event dedicated to the world of motor racing, in Bologna from 2nd to 10th December One of the news of this year edition is "The World of Motorsport" pavilion. An exclusive exhibition concept which offers visitors the opportunity to find in one place, set as an international grand prix paddock, unique cars from the most notorious racing teams in the world. Motorbikes comes back both in exhibition, and in live show. Moreover, "Model Game" will be held during the first weekend, an exhibition dedicated to the model making, and during the second weekend the area "Passione Classica Mercato" will welcome collectors who wish to buy, meet and exchange vintage cars. Don't miss incredible acrobatic shows on the two wheels , drifting , the most prestigious stuntmen exhibitions , car races , motocross and rally. Further information and updates www.

Motor Show-Bologna

Milan, 19 June A fully immersive passion! Last year the Motor Show enthusiastically accepted and won its comeback challenge and now it is time to introduce the new edition, which will be held from 2 to 10 December at BolognaFiere.

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  1. Feb 21, If you love motorsports, your appointment is with Motor Show, the most world of motor racing, in Bologna from 2nd to 10th December

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