Sagra del lardo di colonnata 2017

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sagra del lardo di colonnata 2017

Sagra del lardo di colonnata #coerenza. Show Instant Engagement Rate · giuliacampanile. Giulia Campanile (@giuliacampanile). Sagra del lardo di.

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If you go to Carrara you must take a tour to the famous quarries of white marble, right off the city center. But first there is something you should know about it. As I said before Carrara is renowned for its marble that is extracted since Roman times and probably even before. Since 5th century b. All the famous sculptors came to Carrara to get this precious marble over the centuries. But Michelangelo is just one of the thousands of artists that came, and still are coming, to Apuan Alps, such as Canova and Cattelan.

These days we often talk about the marble quarries, white as the snow on the Apuan Alps, in the western corner of Tuscany called Versilia overlooking the coast. To be more precise, its pearly-pinky-rose-coloured salt-and spice-cured pork back fat. It needs to be at least one inch thick 2. Their classic staple was a giant panino stuck together with sliced tomato and beautiful, richly fragrant ribbons of spiced and aged lard, all washed down with a fiasco of red wine. This high-energy food helped to give them the energy to get the marble, a heavy and hard job.

The Italian pig is revered. Government certification sets up strict rules regarding the genetic make-up and breeding of the animals, their feeding, curing and processing. Porchetta , a garlic and fennel scented spit-roasted girarosto wood-fired suckling pig, has a gastronomic reputation in Italy that is second to none. Siena c. In the contra fresco il Cattivo Governo the bad government , the pig is missing. The prosciutto of Tuscany is spicier, darker and more seasoned, often with pepper, garlic, rosemary, and juniper. He is dressed many ways salumi, salame, prosciutto, arosto and although he may be called Stinco braised pork shank in Bolzano he is most congenial and not to be missed.

Sagre gastronomiche. Non mancheranno comunque altri Continua a leggere. Si tratta quindi della cena del sabato e del pranzo della Si tratta dell'iniziativa che conclude le feste estive della piccola frazione del lungomonte pisano.

Arista steccata con lardo di colonnata all'arancia - Picture of La Credenza, Marino

If you are a fan of fresh and tasty local produce, lovely al fresco restaurants with great views both in the city and in the countryside…well, Tuscany is the place to be! If you are visiting for the first time, there is some food that — in my opinion — should be tried at least once before going back home, wherever your home is. - Located just 25 minutes from the most famous San Gimignano, it enjoys relative quietness and peacefulness even during high season when hordes of tourists flock to San Gimignano. Certaldo Alto which can be reached from Certaldo Basso either by foot or by a funicular — Eur 1,50 each way was badly damaged during the II World War including the house of Giovanni Boccaccio but it was fully reconstructed soon afterwards, as it was in the Medieval times.

Signore Pig

Summer in Tuscany is not just about sun and sea, but also great feasts outdoors, enjoying the most typical dishes of tradition at a great value thanks to the full calendar of festivals in July and August flock to the villages of the region. Sagra del Cinghiale e del Tortello in Montepescali From Friday 2 to Thursday, August 15 , is held in Montepescali fraction of Grosseto, the renowned Festival of the Boar and Tortelli, which arrives at the 37th edition this year. Sagra della Torta in Canepari Canepari, in the municipality of Fosdinovo Massa Carrara , hosts f rom Friday 2 to Sunday, August 4th, the 28th edition of the Festival of Cake, a simple dish and very poor on the basis simply of chickpea flour and water. Sagra del Ciaccino in Ciciano From 2 to 4 Augus t 27th edition of the festival which is held in Ciciano, in the municipality of Chiusdino Siena. In the menu stand out fish specialties, among them the fish soup and fried. Sagra del Panigaccio in Podenzana Those who want to enjoy a simple dish but one that remains in the heart can not lose Panigaccio Festival, August 12 to 21 in Podenzana, in the province of Massa Cararra. The panigaccio is an unleavened bread typical of Lunigiana, in the prepared text of terracotta heated over the fire, a round muffin that is stuffed with extra virgin olive oil or pesto and filled with cheese, salami, olives and mushrooms.




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